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The exhibition booth manufacturer explains how to plan the area of your booth
 Aug 10, 2023|View:1028

As an Exhibition booth manufacturer, we can clearly tell you that an important part of attending a professional Exhibition is to determine what kind of booth to set up. After all, it represents the image of a company. More importantly, if the function of the booth can be well matched with the exhibition destination, will help maximize the effect of the exhibition, so as to achieve double results. In general, there are three functional areas in the booth:

exhibition booth manufacturer

1. Display area: the area used for product display (display) and presentation.

2. governance area: that is, with customers to talk, sign contracts, and provide customers with product and service information area.

3. Auxiliary function area: including storage room, kitchen, cloakroom, office equipment, etc.

It is an important part of the preparation work to adjust the function area of the booth according to the purpose of the exhibitors. For the exhibitors whose main purpose is to display their products, the proportion of the exhibition area to the total booth area should exceed 60%, even more than 70 percent. At the same time, the display area should be highlighted in the design of the display function.

Of course, the objectives of enterprises often show the characteristics of diversification. Therefore, how to determine the relationship between the functional areas and the proportion is more important. Are the display area and the negotiation area (auxiliary function area) each half, or according to another scale arrangement? All these problems need to be decided by the enterprise before participating in the exhibition.

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