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Exhibition booth manufacturer teaches you to build economical and practical exhibition booths
 Dec 31, 2022|View:836

As an exhibition booth manufacturer, this time we teach you to build economical and practical booths, because for booth design, sometimes companies spend a lot of money to build a seemingly beautiful booth, but the actual exhibition effect is not ideal. Therefore, when doing exhibition stand design, companies should consider various aspects such as exhibition strategy, function, convenience to the audience, visual effect, and cost, so that they can design a practical and beautiful exhibition stand.

Exhibition booth manufacturer

How do design and build an economical and practical exhibition stand from the perspective of an exhibition booth manufacturer? The following are the basic steps in the process.

1. Determine the basic form of the stand according to the exhibition objectives and the exhibition venue

Depending on the overall quality of the exhibition and the target customer group, the exhibitor's exhibition strategy and budget are different, as are the focus of the exhibition and the form of the exhibition. The exhibition objectives of the company determine how much money is to be invested in the exhibition and how much of it needs to be spent on the construction of the stand.

It is also important to consider the basic format of your stand, depending on its position in the overall exhibition and the expected number and flow of visitors. Is it a double-story structure? A castle structure? Or is it a multi-faceted stand with multiple openings?

2. Determine the content and the basic means of exhibiting

Once you have decided on your overall exhibition strategy, you should consider what you need to exhibit in order to achieve your exhibition objectives, determine the theme of your exhibition, the weighting of the different elements of your exhibition, and the basic format of your exhibition. Will physical equipment be displayed? Is a large TV screen used? Whether to use computer multimedia, etc. Also, consider whether there is a need to carry out on-site activities to achieve a popular gathering.

3. Functional design of the stand design

In order to achieve the above-mentioned planning of the exhibition, we must first design the stand functionally. The location of the stand and the flow of visitors, determine the main orientation of the display. According to the content to be exhibited, determine the location of the product service reception area, product display area, image area, trade negotiation area, and storage room. Can the display area meet the needs of the display? Does the reception area provide a comfortable environment for visitors to communicate? Can visitors easily enter and leave your stand? If there is a show, how should the stand be thought of?

Some beautiful stands ignore functional design, for example: arranging the computers on the outside sideline of the stand, the audience needs to take up the public aisle to operate the computers, which saves the stand area but puts the audience in a noisy environment, which is not conducive to communication. Others place the reception desk right on the flow of visitors, causing inconvenience to the visitors. The most common problem is that the stand is made with a lot of decorations, which destroys the use of effective space.

4. Visual design of exhibition stand design

The basic principles of stand design are reasonable cost, prominent exhibition theme, visual aesthetics, simplicity, ease of implementation, flexibility (use of flexible assembly exhibits), and, where possible, reusability. But how do you get visitors to notice your stand in just a few seconds?

The first elements to consider are: what is the overall color of the stand to give the impression?

Next is the shape and rhythm; how do you highlight your company's logo? How can visitors immediately recognize the category you are exhibiting in? This is the key issue to consider in visual design.

Next, consider the atmosphere of the stand through the space. This part requires the exhibition booth manufacturer to cooperate after fully understanding the exhibitor's intention to exhibit.

5. Whether it fits in with the overall atmosphere and visual effect of the exhibition space

When working on the visual design of the stand, it is also important to liaise with the exhibition organizer to see if the stand design is in harmony with the perimeter, sides, and the exhibition as a whole. How does it differentiate itself from neighboring stands in terms of overall layout? Will the design of the stand be visually pleasing from all angles of the exhibition? Is it conducive to photojournalism? A good stand design not only has a reasonable functional space, but also has good visual effects from multiple angles of the exhibition venue, and produces good photos, which are conducive to the use of news and sample publicity.

6. Use of exhibition space conditions and standard exhibition equipment to reduce costs

When designing and building a beautiful and practical exhibition stand, do you make full use of the conditions of the exhibition venue? Do you create a comfortable space and lighting effects in low or poorly-lit locations to create a comfortable stand atmosphere? Have you made use of the columns in the exhibition space? Is there eye-catching signage hung in an empty, high exhibition hall so that it can be seen from all angles? These are ways to make use of the conditions of the exhibition space and to save on decoration costs.

The use of standard or reusable exhibits for exhibition stands can enhance the standard and quality of display equipment on the one hand and save money on the other. At present, many of the new metal profile exhibits are better choices. For most of the one-time special installations, not only the construction cycle is long, and waste, the actual display texture, and effect are not as good as the repeated use of the display.

The above is about how to build economic and practical booth-related content, I hope to give you help. Green expomax is an exhibition booth manufacturer and you can contact us directly if you have any other questions.

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