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Octane standard booth instructions


Octane standard booth is the booth entrusted by the exhibition organizer to set up for the exhibitors according to a unified standard. The area of each standard booth is generally 3m脳3m or 2m脳3m, and the height is 2.5m; A fascia board with exhibitor's name and booth number written in Chinese and English will be provided to the upper part of the standard booth. The height of the fascia board is usually 20cm. The frame of the booth is aluminum alloy, with three wall panels, blue carpet, and two lights installed on the top; One consulting table, two chairs and one 220V/50Hz/500W AC power outlet are provided for each standard booth.

Octam standard booth

Octam standard booth at the corner, by default, removed the wall panel on one side of the aisle and added a fascia board. For two or more adjacent standard booths of the same exhibitor, the middle wall partition will be removed by default. If exhibitors using standard booths need other exhibition equipment, they can rent from the exhibition hall at their own cost. It is recommended that exhibitors hang three promotional boards on each wall board, each of which should be made 900mm wide and 1200mm high. The promotional graphic board is hung on the exhibition rack with ropes and hooks, and fixed with double-sided adhesive tape below. In order to protect the wall panels from being cleaned up after the end of the exhibition, the home builder is generally required to use double-sided tape purchased from the site service of the exhibition hall.

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