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The method of octane standard booth design
 Feb 18, 2022|View:1252

What is the standard booth design of Octane?

(1) Central display method

Octanorm standard booth takes the whole exhibition space or booth center as the focus area display method. The important exhibits will be placed in the center of the booth, and other exhibits will be displayed in the surrounding booth and exhibition rack according to the classification. The display mode is very beneficial to the expression of the main body of the display, and has the role of highlighting the key points.

(2) Close-up display method

Slightly exaggerated display method, in order to highlight the key exhibits, the use of enlarged models, exaggerated close-up photos (or light box film) display on the booth, more intuitive expression of corporate culture, so that the audience more convenient and simple to understand the booth and corporate culture, so as to promote trade.

Octanorm standard booth

(3) Type A cell display method

Octanorm standard booth will be arranged in zones, sections and groups along the visiting road according to the contents and characteristics of exhibits.

(4) Comprehensive display method

The process, function and application of the related characteristics of the exhibits for a series of display.

(5) Open display method

Let the audience or customers directly participate in the demonstration, field operation, touch experience exhibits display. Open display method can make observation, communication, procurement and purchase activities in a lively, friendly, free atmosphere, is a display of excellent effect.

(6) Supporting display method

Octanorm standard booth will display the related exhibits in one place according to the display requirements, combining with the exhibits and their related combinations. Be like "kitchen things" display or "bedroom things" display wait for relevant thematic display, furniture, household appliance all can use the display means between model.

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